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Jentezen Franklin

Senior Pastor, Free Chapel

1290 McEver Rd., Gainesville, Georgia
Phone: 770-532-4793

"Craig’s sincerity along with his strong grasp of God’s Word will ignite a tremendous response in the hearts of your people. Craig is well experienced and ready to share his ministry and gifts with your church. He and his wife Janet and their children have been valuable assets and leaders to this local body of Christ. I have used Craig numerous times in my pulpit during my absence. He is outstanding and your church will be greatly blessed by his dynamic ministry."


Dr. T.l. Lowery

P.O. Box 2550, Cleveland, Tennessee
Phone: 423-473-4562

"Craig Stone is one of the most gifted and talented men of God that I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  He has traveled extensively throughout America in evangelism and has impacted the lives of many people. I highly recommend his ministry."

Jeff prewer

Senior Pastor, Freedom Life Church of God

1001 Martin Creek Road, Henderson, North Carolina
Phone: 252-430-0202

"Evangelist Craig Stone is truly a man of God chosen for this generation and anointed to preach the uncompromised word of the Lord. His heartbeat is to win souls, minister to hurting people and please God. His passionate preaching stirs the heart of the people and challenges them to draw closer to the Lord. Blessed with a wonderful helpmate, he and his wife make a dynamic team. Craig is also a gifted singer that truly blesses the congregation and moves them into worship. I have pastored my church for over 25-years and Rev. Stone has ministered many times over these years. Each time he has blessed our church greatly. As a pastor, it is refreshing to see a man so sincere and who lives what he preaches."

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Rev. Dr. John Hedgepeth

Senior Pastor, Northwood Temple Church

4250 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, North Carolina
Phone: 910-488-7474

"The reverend Craig Stone and his team have visited Northwood Temple Church over the years to minister in the morning worship services. From the very beginning, the service is full of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Recalling some of the traumatic things that happened to him and his family, Craig has given inspiring messages on forgiveness. People flock to the altar. Lives are changed. I’ve known Craig since he was a young teen at our church. I remember when he spoke of the call of God upon his life. I was a close friend of his family. I officiated at the wedding of Craig and Janet. I have observed their commitment and growth as anointed ministers in God’s kingdom. Over the past 50 years, I have had many guest evangelists and speakers. they have all left a mark on our ministry, but none have been more genuine and caring than Craig. His humble spirit will help him to minister to your people and bring honor to you as a pastor while giving glory to God. You will never regret having him to minister in your church."

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